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Have you passed your NSA Exam and don't know how to get started with your business?  Looking for tips to market your NSA/RON business?  Looking for a peer mentor group?  Get your questions answered in our Notary Mentor Group.  We meet biweekly on Thursdays! Next meeting is Thursday, February 25 @ 7pm!  Connect with us!  

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Join our Notary MasterClass Mentor Group as we discuss how to set your Notary business up for success in 2021!  PLUS, our special guest and Tax Preparer, Jasmine Merricks, will give you tips on how to maximize your return for your Notary business!  Registration is required to receive the meeting link!  See you there!  

#NNA2020 Online Notary Training Videos

Life As A Remote Online Notary

#NNA2020 Online Conference:  

Curious to learn what life as a Remote Online Notary is like? Go behind the scenes of a remote online Notary’s daily schedule and all the opportunities this new type of notarization brings.

In this workshop, Dushanna Scott will cover the needed equipment to perform remote online notarizations and potential income opportunities to expand your Notary business. 

Preventing Fraud As A Remote Online Notary

#NNA2020 Online Conference

The first question many Notaries have when hearing about notarizations being performed remotely is: Doesn't this promote the chance of fraud?

In this workshop, you will learn RON best practices and fraud-fighting tips during remote notarizations. You will also gain an understanding of legal issues to protect yourself as a remote online Notary.

Safety Tips for Mobile Notaries

#NNA2019 St. Louis, MO

Mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents frequently meet with strangers, which can pose some potential hazards. Here are 4 safety tips to follow when you’re traveling to an assignment:

As a Notary Public, you should start considering safety as soon as you receive an assignment. The date and time, location, signer’s reputation, and type of signing should all be considered when weighing potential risks.

Led by a former law enforcement officer, this workshop will teach you how to evaluate the potential risks of a Notary assignment and how to approach each signing safely.

Presented by Dushunna Scott, owner of Lady Scott Enterprises, LLC and criminal justice instructor. Recorded at the NNA 2019 Conference.

Workshop Overview:

00:06 - Introduction and objectives.

01:24 - Critical information to keep in mind at each signing: date and time, location, type of signing, and the borrowers. Do research ahead of time using public sources of information.

10:31 - Weigh the risks and determine if a signing is right for you. Have a plan for what to do if a threat arises.

17:06 - Post-signing safety tips. Considerations when deciding to carry a weapon.